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22 Meridian Rd, Suite 10 Edison, NJ 08820
22 Meridian Rd, Suite 10 Edison, NJ 08820
Pullin Patel,MD
Internal Medicine
Ph:(732) 243-9808
Fax:(732) 791-5765
  • Please bring your insurance card to every visit. We will ask you to give us that card from time to time. 

  • Patients are responsible for deductible amount and co-pay during every visit as per insurance regulations. 

  • Insurance and Medicare allows one annual physical or preventive visit. Usually there is no co pay for this visit. 

  • We have a phlebotomist in our office for blood draw. She works for a local laboratory.​ For any questions regarding laboratory (blood draw) billing, please contact your specific laboratory. In case of difficulty the phlebotomist can help you to find the right person or department to contact. 

  • Patients are required to follow up (within a week or two) after any blood work, X-ray, ultrasound or any other diagnostic tests done, as we have to document per insurance guidelines. 

  • Patients are allowed to pick up any of their results without being seen by the doctor but patients are then responsible for any unfavorable outcomes or any comp from not being seen by the doctor. patients are required to update their insurance/ home address and phone number within 4 weeks of their latest visit. Patients are responsible for all the charges incurred due to failure to update insurance in a timely manner

Individual disclaimer statement to be read and signed by patient. 

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