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Bio Identical Hormone Treatment in New Jersey

Bio Identical Hormone Treatment in New Jersey

"Bio Identical Hormone Treatment in New Jersey" "Bio Identical Hormone Treatment in New Jersey" "Bio Identical Hormone Treatment in New Jersey" "Bio Identical Hormone Treatment in New Jersey"

bio identical hormone treatment in New Jersey

Bio Identical Hormone Treatment


We at Kespra Medical provide the Bio Identical Hormone Treatment in New Jersey, USA. The Bioidentical hormones are basically man-made hormones similar to those produced by the human body. These artificial hormones are then used as a treatment for individuals (male & female) suffering from hormonal imbalance. 


As we get old, the level of some key hormones depletes in our body. Hormones like estrogen, progesterone and testosterone are few of the key hormones that start depleting with age and time. 

All this can result in the development of odd symptoms, the common ones are (majorly with women with menopause). 

As men and women age, the levels of some key hormones in the body go down. These include estrogen, progesterone and testosterone. This can lead to certain symptoms. Some are very common to women who are past the age of having periods (menopause). Some common effects of low hormones include Hot flashes, night sweats, Vaginal dryness, loss of interest in sex, pain during sex, Problems sleeping, Loss of energy, Fatigue, Loss of muscle mass, Weight gain, Foggy thinking, Mood changes.

How does my doctor select my dose?


Doctors keep a close watch at patients receiving hormone treatment, where the doses are recommended and adjusted depending on the patient’s symptoms and needs. The doctors keep the dose to the minimum level possible required to achieve the desired goal. 

One could also have to go through routine blood, urine, or saliva tests for checking the patient’s hormone level. As normal levels fluctuate on a regular basis and vary between patients.

 The FDA  or Food and Drug Administration recommends against using hormone levels to guide the dosing of hormone therapy in women. To be specific, salivary hormone levels commonly fluctuate widely and have not been shown any relation with menopausal symptoms.


What are the risks of bio identical hormones?


Studies show that women who take hormones therapy are at risk of blood clots stroke, and gallbladder disease. Especially the older woman taking hormone therapy for a longer duration are more endangered with the increased risk of heart disease and breast cancer. Though there are doctors who bio identical hormones claim that are safer than regular HRT.

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